Teikitu Gaming System


Every once in a while I get a request to be able to download the source as proper files instead of the online html format for reference. I remind anyone interested to read the copyright notice attached in most of the files individually, a notice that pertains to the entire work. The current state of the code base is one in development, and in heavy development. I am providing the code as-is and there should be no expectations that it will run . The current time line is for me to finish the aggregation and porting of the former three versions of the engine into this new framework by the end of November. I hope to have the engine up and running within 6 months, and a working demo available for all platforms within 8-10 months (currently its October, 2010 - then I started working at IW and CoD blew a crater into that plan - it is not 2017, and getting back to the code base now). If you find any problems with the code, or have additional unit tests or other work you want to contribute, understanding that it will fall under the same copyright restrictions as the rest of the code base, then email me at tgs@andrewaye.com.
A note about the source - the solution and project files are all generated by CMake. I have provided a link to a modified windows executable that should be used when generated Visual Studio project files. Currently it is only tested with Visual Studio 2015, and Xcode. I'll post a copy of the engine and my version of cmake to GitHub in 1Q 2017.

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