Andrew Aye
M.BA (Pending, Master of Business Administration)
B.Math (Computer Science, Honours)
B.Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering, Honours)
B.Arts (Pending, Fine Arts, Honours, Film)


Adaptive technical executive focused on building successful interdisciplinary teams to deliver effective solutions. I build agile teams focused on creating flexible and iterative designs to create immediate value and new business capabilities. Demonstrated success rebuilding companies, directly managing up to 80 engineers, leading projects of up to 900 people across multiple locations (on-shore and off-shore) to deliver revenues of over $1.2 billion.

I have individual contributor experience in system architecture, gaming, game engines, console platform development, e-commerce, data protection, privacy, health IT.


I am currently working at Amazon and taking an Executive MBA through a program at Cornell and Queens. The transition to a new industry, retail and e-commerce at Amazon, has enabled a step change in my growth and learning. I work for Consumables inside of NA Consumer. I have taken the opportunity to look at multiple aspects of the e-commerce space. Example areas of development or investigation include financial allocation for last mile shipping, combinations of selection and logistical optimization, catalog data quality, data ingestion feeds from Brand owners and GDSN. A significant area of investment is a deep exploration of security engineering specifically in regards to data protection and privacy due to our acquisition of Pillpack. In my role, I focus on working with the program leaders, look to help bridge the gap between business and engineering, provide technical leadership for the organization and work to boot strap / provide technical direction for new initiatives.

I enjoy working with, coordinating, and developing small and large teams. I believe in collaborating with and empowering the product team by providing them with the right tools and support. I believe in continuous investment in growing individual contributors by providing learning opportunities to drive the growth and capabilities of the team. I focus on improving process, pipeline, and communication. I believe cross-disciplinary and holistic approaches to development practices.

Previously I worked for 17 years in the video games industry. As Technical Director at Infinity Ward I was responsible for all engineering teams on Call of Duty: Ghosts. I provided project level technical leadership and worked with the non-technical teams to establish the engineering goals and milestones. Together with a small group of people, including Jake Rowell, we step changed the art pipeline to create a creative look at a competitive technical specification and process that would meet and exceed the capabilities of the new hardware platforms. Similar to my work on Modern Warfare 3, I was responsible for the end phase of the project development and testing to deliver the product to market. As an individual contributor on Modern Warfare 3, I was able to save 5ms+ through combined changes to sound culling and processing, entity updates and a refactor of the effect system.