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/*  »Project«   Teikitu Gaming System (TgS) (∂)
    »File«      TgS Collision - F - Box AA-Sphere.c_inc
    »Keywords«  Collision;Distance;Closest;Intersect;Penetrate;Sweep;Box;Axis-Aligned;BoxAA;Sphere;
    »Author«    Andrew Aye (EMail: mailto:andrew.aye@gmail.com, Web: http://www.andrewaye.com)
    »Version«   4.51 / »GUID« A9981407-3EC9-42AF-8B6F-8BE6DD919615                                                                                                        */
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/* == Collision ========================================================================================================================================================= */

/* ---- V(tgCO_F_SP_Penetrate_BA) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Input:  tgPacket: The current series of contact points for this query-series, and contact generation parameters.                                                       */
/* Input:  psSP0: Sphere primitive                                                                                                                                        */
/* Input:  tgBA0: Box, Axis-Aligned primitive - contact points are generated on this primitive                                                                            */
/* Output: tgPacket: Points of penetration between the two primitives are added to it                                                                                     */
/* Return: Result Code                                                                                                                                                    */
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
TgRESULT V(tgCO_F_SP_Penetrate_BA)( V(PC_STg2_CO_Packet) psPacket, V(CPC_TgSPHERE) psSP0, V(CPC_TgBOXAA) psBA0 )
    V(P_STg2_CO_Contact)                psContact;

    TgPARAM_CHECK( V(tgGM_BA_Is_Valid)(psBA0) && V(tgGM_SP_Is_Valid)(psSP0) );

    if (0 == psPacket->m_niMaxContact || psPacket->m_niContact >= psPacket->m_niMaxContact || nullptr == psPacket->m_psContact)
        return (KTgE_FAIL);
        /* Find the point of closest proximity on the box to the sphere's origin and create a normalized direction vector of the difference between the two points. */
        /* These are the potential contact points and normal. */

        const TYPE                          fX00 = psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x - psBA0->m_vMin.m.x;
        const TYPE                          fX10 = psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.y - psBA0->m_vMin.m.y;
        const TYPE                          fX20 = psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.z - psBA0->m_vMin.m.z;
        const TYPE                          fX01 = psBA0->m_vMax.m.x - psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x;
        const TYPE                          fX11 = psBA0->m_vMax.m.y - psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.y;
        const TYPE                          fX21 = psBA0->m_vMax.m.z - psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.z;
        const TYPE                          fK3 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX01, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x, psBA0->m_vMax.m.x);
        const TYPE                          fK4 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX11, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.y, psBA0->m_vMax.m.y);
        const TYPE                          fK5 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX21, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.z, psBA0->m_vMax.m.z);
        const TYPE                          fX = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX00, fK3, psBA0->m_vMin.m.x);
        const TYPE                          fY = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX10, fK4, psBA0->m_vMin.m.y);
        const TYPE                          fZ = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX20, fK5, psBA0->m_vMin.m.z);
        V(C_TgVEC)                          vP1 = V(FS_SETP)(fX, fY, fZ);
        V(TgVEC)                            vNormal = V(F_SUB)(&vP1, &psSP0->m_vOrigin);

        psContact = psPacket->m_psContact + psPacket->m_niContact;

        if (V(F_LSQ)(&vNormal) > F(KTgEPS))
            TYPE                                fNM;

            vNormal = V(F_NORM_LEN)(&fNM, &vNormal);

            if (fNM > F(KTgEPS))
                /* Sphere origin is not contained inside of the box, and therefore the potential contact values are correct. */

                psContact->m_vS0 = vP1;
                psContact->m_vN0 = vNormal;
                psContact->m_fT0 = MKL(0.0);
                psContact->m_fDepth = psSP0->m_fRadius - fNM;


                return (KTgS_OK);

            /* Sphere origin is contained within the box itself - find the axis of minimum penetration. */

            const TYPE                          fX0 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX01 - fX00, fX00, fX01);
            const TYPE                          fX1 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX11 - fX10, fX10, fX11);
            const TYPE                          fX2 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX21 - fX20, fX20, fX21);

            const TYPE                          fK0 = fX1 - fX0;
            const TYPE                          fK1 = fX2 - fX0;
            const TYPE                          fK2 = fX2 - fX1;

            const TYPE                          fTX = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX01 - fX00, psBA0->m_vMin.m.x, psBA0->m_vMax.m.x);
            const TYPE                          fTY = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX11 - fX10, psBA0->m_vMin.m.y, psBA0->m_vMax.m.y);
            const TYPE                          fTZ = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX21 - fX20, psBA0->m_vMin.m.z, psBA0->m_vMax.m.z);

            const TYPE                          fK6 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK1, fTX, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x);
            const TYPE                          fK7 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK2, fTY, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.y);
            const TYPE                          fK8 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK1, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x, fTZ);
            const TYPE                          fK9 = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK2, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.z, fTZ);

            const TYPE                          fKTX = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, fK6, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.x);
            const TYPE                          fKTY = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, psSP0->m_vOrigin.m.y, fK7);
            const TYPE                          fKTZ = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, fK8, fK9);

            const TYPE                          fNX = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX01 - fX00, MKL(1.0), MKL(-1.0));
            const TYPE                          fNY = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX11 - fX10, MKL(1.0), MKL(-1.0));
            const TYPE                          fNZ = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fX21 - fX20, MKL(1.0), MKL(-1.0));

            const TYPE                          fKA = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK1, fNX, MKL(0.0));
            const TYPE                          fKB = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK2, fNY, MKL(0.0));
            const TYPE                          fKC = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK1, MKL(0.0), fNZ);
            const TYPE                          fKD = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK2, MKL(0.0), fNZ);

            const TYPE                          fKNX = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, fKA, MKL(0.0));
            const TYPE                          fKNY = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, MKL(0.0), fKB);
            const TYPE                          fKNZ = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, fKC, fKD);

            const TYPE                          fKE = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK1, fX0, fX2);
            const TYPE                          fKF = F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK2, fX1, fX2);

            psContact->m_vS0 = V(FS_SETP)(fKTX, fKTY, fKTZ);
            psContact->m_vN0 = V(FS_SETV)(fKNX, fKNY, fKNZ);
            psContact->m_fT0 = MKL(0.0);
            psContact->m_fDepth = psSP0->m_fRadius + F(tgPM_FSEL)(fK0, fKE, fKF);

            return (KTgS_OK);